Biosolids Committee

Biosolids Mission Statement:

The mission of the Biosolids Committee is to promote education, networking and sound public policy in the field of biosolids while advocating proper management of biosolids by utilities, haulers, land appliers and other biosolids end users. Every year the Biosolids Committee develops in-person technical education seminars. The Committee wil also provide educational content with the assistance of the local Chapters at their Quarterly Networking events throughout the year. In addition, the committee routinely conducts conference calls to keep their membership informed. The committee also coordinates with the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Committee to disseminate national information to local members. Our membership includes the environmental professionals and organizations that produce, treat, test, consult on, and manage most of the region’s biosolids and other large volume recyclable organic residuals. Together we advocate for biosolids issues, management and education in Florida.  

Biosolids Articles of Interest

How Sidestream Phosphate Removal Can Benefit Biosolids Management Programs in Florida
Florida is the nation’s leading producer of phosphorus, but unlike nitrogen, phosphorus is a limited nutrient. The global limitation on raw phosphorous, as well as an increased understanding of nutrient sensitive ecosystems, have sparked the development of systems to recover phosphorous from wastewater treatment plants. An increasingly implemented...  Read More
Test Your Biosolids Management Knowledge
1. Given the following data of $36.51 polymer per dry ton of sludge processed, is this an acceptable cost of polymer usage for a gravity belt thickener (GBT) Read More
Sludge Hauling:  Lessons Learned
As operators and treatment plant managers, we don’t always get involved in contracts involving our facilities. Most contracts are left up to purchasing managers, and if we do get to review them prior to being bid out, it’s the exception rather than the rule. A series of events happened to me, however, that may make... Read More
Biosolids Dewatering Alternatives for Orange County
Dewatering is a critical step in biosolids processing. Producing a drier biosolids cake can result in a significant cost savings to many of the utilities in central Florida that rely on contract hauling and land application of their biosolids. Belt filter presses have long been the dewatering technology of choice... Read More


Committee Officers 2023/2024

Manuel Moncholi, PhD, P.E.                      
Tony Pevec, P.E., B.C.E.E.
Freese and Nickels
Vice Chair 
George Dick, P.E. 
Brown & Caldwell
Alexander Krämer | Chair FWEA SE Chapter
Thermal Process Systems, Inc.
Christian Karavangelos
PCOC Liaison
currently managed by A. Krämer
Alexandra Guillen
YP Liaison
Shyam Sivaprasad

2023 UPcoming Events:
  • Biosolids Committee Meeting at FWRC | Wednesday May 31st 4-4:30 PM, Gaylord Palms, room TBA
  • September 2023 Biosolids Technical Seminar in Tampa, FL 

Committee members may download meeting minutes and other documents HERE