Vision & Mission


A Clean and Sustainable Water Environment for Florida's Future Generations



The Florida Water Environment Association is dedicated to promoting a clean and sustainable water environment by supporting and uniting our members with the public through public awareness and outreach; providing professional development and networking opportunities for our members; and creating alliances to promote sound science-based public policy.

Strategic Goals

Member Engagement: FWEA strives to provide value and demonstrate the value of joining this organization in order accomplish our mission. Providing member services such as high-quality training/education and networking opportunities draws water professionals in Florida to our association.
Public Awareness/Outreach
FWEA chooses to be a resource for the general public in promotion of water quality issues and solutions by promoting and providing educational resources to its members for educating the public at all levels.
Partnerships & Sound Science-based Public Policy
FWEA acknowledges the benefit of creating alliances to inform water professionals and advise policy makers on scientific, environmental, operational, and financial aspects of water related issues.
Workforce Development/Professional Development
FWEA seeks an active and healthy opportunity to expand value to its members, and to continue to provide professional development at the highest level for relevant and innovative education and training and helps the industry in identifying and developing a skilled workforce.