Mentorship Program


Program Overview

FWEA strives to provide its members with services such as high-quality training/education and networking opportunities with the goal of maintaining a high level of member engagement. To that extent, the primary purpose of the FWEA Mentoring Program is to:

  • Grow the next generation of water professionals
  • Develop an understanding of the vision, mission, structure and strategic goals of FWEA and WEF
  • Highlight the importance of being active in a professional organization to achieve short- and long-term career goals
  • Identify personal strengths and identify how that aligns with FWEA leadership opportunities 

Through close collaboration with experienced water/wastewater professionals, mentees can gain insight on the items listed above, and much more! Volunteers from the Mentoring Program subcommittee will review all Mentor and Mentee application forms and manually pair individuals based on work experience and career aspirations. 

Program Guidelines

The following Mentoring Program Guidelines document summarizes the goals and structure of this program, including a detailed breakdown of the suggested discussion topics for each mentor meeting and a link to the suggested personality test that will be taken as part of this program. 

Application Forms

Mentor Application

The Mentorship Program is actively seeking passionate mentors! Serving as a mentor can be a great way to sharpen leadership skills, expand professional networks, and gain a fresh perspective. To sign up as a mentor for this year's program, please click here.

Mentee Application

Participating in mentorship opportunities can not only increase industry knowledge and self-confidence, but also help set the framework for personal and professional goals and milestones. Applications to serve as a mentee in this year's program will open soon - stay tuned for updates! 

Mentoring Program Structure

The program will occur on a rolling basis with Fall and Spring sessions as outlined in the Program Guidelines document. However, mentors and mentees are encouraged to continue their mentorship meetings at their discretion.

Although mentors and mentees are encouraged to personalize their mentorship structure, FWEA has established a general framework that all mentorships should adhere to:

Program Structure

Meeting No.

Discussion Topics


  • Introductions
  • Current leadership roles/experience
  • Goals for mentorship program
  • Identify meeting frequencies/communication preferences  


  • Benefits of FWEA/WEF involvement
  • Discuss FWEA/WEF strategic plans


  • Roles of local Chapter Chairs, state Committee Chairs, Directors-at-Large (DAL), and State officers
  • FWEA business planning process
  • Introduce a personality test


  • Review personality test results
  • Identify 3 goals (short- and/or long-term)
  • Identify strengths and opportunities to grow within and outside of FWEA


  • Optional session: virtual meet-and-greet with FWEA/WEF officer or DAL