Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee exists to assist the FWEA Board in assuring the highest
effectiveness in implementation of the Association's Strategic Objectives.

It is important for a non-profit organization such as FWEA to have a Strategic Plan and to implement
strategic planning into the budgeting process in order for the organization to offer better value for
members and to continually attract new members. .

Committee Chir
George Cassady
Hillsborough County
(813) 272-5977
Janice K. Magdziasz
Pinellas County Utilities
(727) 464-4445
Karen Lowe, P.E.
CDM Smith
(813) 262-8886
Mike Sweeney
Toho Water Authority
(407) 944-5129
Don Munksgaard  

To download a document outlining FWEA's Strategic Plan CLICK HERE.
Every year, the FWEA Strategic Planning Committee works with the FWEA Directors At Large to
create an annual budget for FWEA. Each FWEA chapter and committee participates in the process.
This planning process within FWEA is known as the Business Planning Process, as each committee and
chapter is required to write a business plan along with filling out a Business Planning Spreadsheet.
What is a Business Planning Spreadsheet?
A Business Planning Spreadsheet was developed and is maintained by the Strategic Planning
Committee. The spreadsheet is a tool designed to ensure that chapters’, committees’, and the
Association’s Strategic Plan is in alignment. The Business Planning Spreadsheet has become the official
annual budget for each chapter, committee, and the FWEA at large. Additionally, the Business Planning
Spreadsheet contains helpful Guidelines for its use.

The 2014 Business Planning Process is under way!  Click here to open a copy of the BP Tool. 
Click here to view the November 1st Workshop Presentation slides.

Committee and chapter leaders may access their business plans HERE. (You will be required to login.)
SPC is currently piloting a mentoring program to increase leadership knowledge transfer, improve
motivation among leaders and volunteers, and to increase the value of FWEA membership.  
If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, please contact the Strategic Planning
Current Mentors Former FWEA Position
Mike Cliburn President, VP, Treasurer, WEF Delegate
Patricia Dipiero Treasurer
Karen Lowe West Coast Chapter Chair
Rebecca McClary Student and Young Professionals Chair
Brian Houston Public Relations Committee Chair, SPC Committee  
    Chair, Director At Large, Treasurer
Alex Terral SPC Committee Chair

Join Us

FWEA is always looking for volunteers to serve on committees! We at SPC are involved in FWEA
activities throughout the year, including: the Business Planning Process, mentoring pilot program
and leadership development.