Our Partners

FWEA and FSAWWA Collaboration

The Florida Water Environment Association FWEA and the Florida Section American Water Works Association FSAWWA share common visions and similar missions. To maximize value to members of each Association, FWEA and FSAWWA are proud to announce a formalized collaborative relationship formed through a Tri-Party Memorandum of Agreement MOU. The Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association FW&PCOA was also invited to join the formal collaboration but has not yet elected to sign the MOU. A link to the MOU can be found on further down on this page.

The purpose of this collaboration is to strengthen alignment, coordination, and communication between the Association leaders and establish methods for collaboration between the Associations on an ongoing basis. It is intended that any joint actions discussed by the Officers of each Association must be reviewed by respective Boards before these actions are implemented.

The Associations' Utility Councils are also actively engaged in this important collaboration and jointly meet quarterly to establish common ground regarding regulatory, public policy, and legislative issues relating to public and private utilities in the state.

The Associations are also coordinating conferences, seminars, and training events to the extent possible. The Associations' Chapters and Regions are co-sponsoring joint meetings and further aligning respective committees with like missions to benefit members of both Associations. To that end, the Associations have developed a joint calendar of events. The calendar is routinely updated to provide the latest schedule of events for both Associations in one easy to locate and use site.

FWEA and FSAWWA welcome comments from members regarding information to be included in this collaboration web page. Please direct your comments, suggestions and ideas to FWEA or FSAWWA.