Executive Advisory Council

Over the past decade, FWEA has held Past President’s sessions on a once-a-year basis with the intent of seeking direction from past leaders on the direction that FWEA is taking with respect to the new year.  While these sessions have been valuable to the incoming officers relative to the input gained, it was deemed that on-going consultation with past leaders in some format would be valuable to the Board of Directors throughout the year.  As a result, the concept of a Senior Advisory Council (SAC) was evolved. The name was later changed to the Executive Advisory Council.

Membership of the Executive Advisory Council (EAC)

The EAC is appointed each year by the incoming President once installed with informal consultation with the Board of Directors.  The selected members will generally be leaders who have served the Association in the past in an important role and have a deep and abiding interest in the future direction of FWEA.  Membership will be no more than six individuals with the “past” Past President automatically being made a member.   Members, other than the “past” Past President, can serve multiple years; however, the outgoing “past” Past President in any given year may be selected as a member of the EAC by the incoming President.

The Chair and Vice Chair of the EAC will be selected by the incoming President.  The incoming “past” Past President may serve as Chair or Vice Chair at the President’s discretion. 

The FWEA Executive Director shall serve on EAC as liaison to the President and the Board.

A member can be removed from the EAC by the President if it is deemed that that individual is not able to perform their role as originally anticipated.

Role and Responsibilities of the Executive Advisory Council

It is the intent that the EAC will advise the Board of Directors on issues related to the following, although input from the EAC is not limited to these topics:

  • Finance and Budget
  • Operations, Administration, Policies and Procedures
  • Training and Seminars
  • Membership Growth

The individual members of the EAC shall be selected with individual talents related to the above major topics, but in no way, will these members be expected to research their individual topics in any depth, but will be expected, from their vantage point and background, to advise the overall group on these topics.

The role of the EAC is advisory only, and in no way, is any authority vested with the Board of Directors assumed by the EAC. The EAC is ad hoc, and as such, serves at the pleasure of the President and Board of Directors.

EAC Council Chair

Pam Holcomb, PE
(407) 650-2127