Contractor's Committee

The mission of the Contractor's Committee is to serve as a resource for all FWEA members for all things related to construction in the Wastewater industry.  Our key objectives are:

  • To champion an increased level of direct communication between Contractors and Owners/Engineers so that we may all be aware of opportunities to help one another in advancement of our industry.

  • To keep Owners and Engineers informed and educated on the current state of the industry, from a Contractor’s perspective, including key parameters such as labor and equipment resources, cost volatility, and subcontractor availability.

  • To engage with Engineers and Owners regarding the different procurement methods and practices being employed in our industry and how those methods and practices affect the quality, schedule, and cost of the end product that the Owner receives.

Committee Leadership

Nathan Hillard | Wharton-Smith, Inc.
(407) 402-0120