The Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) began its existence in 1941 under the name Florida Sewerage and Industrial Waste Association. Subsequent name changes over the years are reflective of the evolution of public attitudes about wastewater management and the environment.  Membership has grown over the years and today our membership exceeds 1,300 clean water professionals.  Our local chapters, student chapters, committees and Utility Council help to unite Florida’s clean water professionals responsible for protecting the environment through education programs, professional development and promotion of sound public policy.

Over 70 years after its creation, FWEA continues to make historic differences in the advancement of the water environment, science and technology, making it a leading professional water organization in Florida. Our history says a lot about the leadership, dedication and hard work of the members of this organization


posted Mar 19th, 2015

A group of five associations, including WEF, announced today that they are working collaboratively on the joint development of a new edition of guidelines that will influence product design and support the marketing of nonwoven products as “flushable,” with no adverse effects on wastewater systems. The associations also announced a meeting to take place March 26th, in Washington, DC, where they will explore the establishment of a collaborative product stewardship initiative to promote greater responsibility for the proper disposal of nonwoven products, including wipes not designed to be flushed. Click the link for the full article.

posted Mar 4th, 2015

This event, sponsored by the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA), requires students and young professionals to present a project of their choice that relates to the field of wastewater engineering, water resources, or other environmental topics.

posted Feb 23rd, 2015

We are currently looking for volunteers to judge the 2015 Student Design Competition and the all new Students and Young Professionals Poster Competition. Both events will take place 12:00pm-5:00pm on May 4th at the Florida Water Resources Conference in Orlando. During the month of April, judges will read and score the students’ design reports then will watch the live presentations at the conference, ask them questions about their design, and score the presentation component.

posted Feb 4th, 2015

On February 1 President Obama released his FY16 budget proposal to Congress and it intensifies the focus on the President’s funding and policy priorities for the final fiscal year of his presidency. The proposal will boost the EPA's funding by $452 million - up to $8.591 billion from its current $8.139 billion funding. The proposal sent to Congress calls for a cut to the Clean Water SRF program below the amount appropriated in FY15, but increases the Drinking Water SRF request level. The SRF request of $2.3 billion for both SRFs combined appears to hold the total funds relatively steady in overall funding from FY15, where the clean water SRF received $1.4 billion and the drinking water SRF received $900 million for a combined $2.3 billion. Click the link to review the full budget.

posted Mar 4th, 2014

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