Upcoming Festival:
Saturday, March 7, 2015
Cascades Park
Tallahassee, FL

Event Flyer

Event Details

Florida Water Festival is FWEA's premier educational event. It is a unique learning opportunity for children and adults alike.  The free to attend event is designed to educate the public at large of the importance of protecting Florida’s precious water resources.

The Festival features fun and informative activities, enlightening displays explained by water experts, and interactive demonstrations. Water quality professionals from public utilities and private sector companies are available to answer questions and share their passion about protecting our state's most valuable resource WATER.

Activities May Include:

  • Walk for Water
  • Interactive Water Quality Sampling and Testing Demonstrations
  • Biosolids Nutrient Recycling
  • How Water Reclamation Systems Work
  • Impacts of Oil and Grease on Water Reclamation Systems and the Environment
  • Poster Contest
  • Live Music
  • Water Animal Face Painting
  • Water Filtration Test
  • Water System Demonstrations
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Many Other Fun and Educational Activities!
(Note:  Activities vary by location)